Smoking Management Policy

1.        PURPOSE

This policy outlines our procedures for tobacco and e-cigarette[1] use in club venues and at club games, special events, functions and other club-related activities. It represents our club’s commitment to its members, volunteers and visitors, acknowledging the role that sporting clubs and associations play in building strong and healthy communities.

This policy will help to ensure our club:

·           Meets its duty of care in relation to the health and safety of our members, volunteers and visitors who attend club games, special events, functions and other activities.

·           Upholds the reputation of our club, our sponsors and partners.

·           Understands the risks associated with tobacco use and our role in minimising this risk.


2.        RATIONALE

PRFC recognises that:

·           Environmental (second-hand) tobacco smoke is a health hazard and that non-smokers should be protected from it.

·           Role modelling can have a significant impact on the junior members of our club.

·           Smoke free areas make smoking less visible and less acceptable, and contribute to reduced uptake of smoking among young people.

·           Smoke free areas support smokers who are trying to quit as well as reduce their overall cigarette consumption.

·           Outdoor smoke free areas help to reduce the amount of cigarette butt litter reducing clean-up costs, fire risk and children’s health risk due to swallowing discarded butts.

·           Smoke free environments can help attract new members and positively promote our club in the community.



Smoking restrictions for sporting clubs differ from state to state, and are strengthened regularly. Our club will comply with all relevant state and local government smoking restrictions.

Our club recognises the importance of educating club members, particularly players, of the benefits of implementing a smoking management policy and will provide information to assist this process. In addition, the club will promote resources for members wishing to quit, including the national Quitline (13 78 48,, where appropriate.

The following policy shall apply to all club members, volunteers and visitors:

·           Smoking in this policy includes the use of any form of e-cigarette device.

·           Cigarettes, e-cigarettes and any other tobacco products will not be sold, including from vending machines, at any time at or by our club.

·           Many young people hold parents, teammates and coaches in high esteem and smoking around them sends the message that smoking is okay. Therefore we expect that coaches, players, officials and volunteers will refrain from smoking while involved in an official capacity for the club, on and off the field.

·           To foster our club’s reputation as a healthy environment, no images of club volunteers, members, officials, coaches and players smoking at club-related activities will be placed on social media.



Our club requires the following areas of the club’s facility/sporting ground to be smoke free:

·           All indoor areas

·           All outdoor playing/training areas

·           All spectator areas (standing and seated, covered and uncovered)

·           All canteen, catering, eating and drinking areas.


Smoke free areas will be signed (where possible) and promoted in club materials. A designated smoking permitted area is also located at either end of the Senior Club House and behind the Junior Club House near the back fence.



Our club will promote this policy regularly by:

·           Placing a copy of the policy in club newsletters, printed member information and on the website.

·           Promoting positive smoke free messages through the club’s social media.

·           Displaying a copy of the policy in the club rooms.

·           Periodic announcements to members at functions.

·           Placing non-smoking signage in prominent locations both indoors and outdoors.



All club committee members will uphold this policy and any non-compliance will be handled according to the following process:

·           Club members and/or guests should notify the committee of any breaches of this policy.

·           A friendly approach will be made to the person smoking, explaining our club policy, and directing them to any areas where smoking is permitted.

·           Continued non-compliance with the policy should be handled by at least two committee members who will use their discretion as to the action taken, which may include asking the person/ people to leave the club facilities or function.



This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to club operations and reflects both community expectations and legal requirements.

[1] The terme-cigarettes’ includes Electronic Non-Nicotine Delivery Systems and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems.

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