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"Faith in Community and Tolerance in Sport"

Founded in 1976, The Park Ridge Baptist Sporting Association was developed out of a desire by the Park Ridge Baptist Church to provide a family centred sporting association with Christian values.  The vision statement from those early days was:-

"The desire to grow with one's children, whilst they participate in healthy activity and are being encouraged to grow as a person through the vehicle of sportsmanship and competition".

The Park Ridge Baptist Sporting Association now known as Park Ridge Panthers Inc. provides amazing facilities for sports including Football, Cricket and Futsal. We also have Netball courts available for use.


Notice of cancellation of training will be posted by 4pm each day. If nothing is posted below then training will go ahead as scheduled.

ALL training  for Wednesday 5th of May has been cancelled due to wet weather. 



  • Do not attend venues if you are feeling unwell
  • Hygiene requirements e.g. regular hand sanitising/washing
  • Recording attendees at venues (all attendees, not just players and officials) and must be retained for 56 days. PLEASE SCAN THE VENCODE POSTED AT ENTRY POINTS TO CHECK IN.
  • 5 metre buffer zone between different training and playing spaces
  • The 4sqm rule per attendee is maintained
  • Recommend that a COVIDSafe Coordinator is appointed by each club 
  • Sanitise all equipment before, during and after training/matches
  • Staggered training session start times.
  • Separate entry and exit points, where practicable and possible
  • Advisory signage is maintained


  • Physical contact can resume at training and matches can be played
  • Up to 500 people permitted at a venue without further approval
  • If more than 500 people are involved a COVIDSafe Event Plan is required to be completed and approved by your local Public Health Unit
  • Spectators must maintain social distancing of 1.5sqm between different family groups
  • Change rooms are able to be accessed and facilities in them such as showers can be used but this is not mandatory and will be at the discretion of the club. However, appropriate and regular cleaning, disinfecting and PPE must be implemented
  • Canteens, bars and clubhouse spaces can re-open but this is not mandatory and will be at the discretion of the club. Clubs must adhere to the COVID-19 Dining and Drinking checklist.



Football is enjoyed at our club by people young and old, from varying walks of life and from diverse cultural backgrounds with the common interested being a love for the game.

The primary objective for our members is to provide a positive and enjoyable football experience, therefore we have made a pledge to Football Brisbane and the wider football community that Enough is Enough - Quit The Abuse.

We as a club will not tolerate abuse directed towards match officials from our players, coaches, parents or spectators. We will not tolerate racist, homophobic or discriminatory remarks or comments directed towards other club members, opposing players, coaches or supporters!

#EnoughIsEnough #QuitTheAbuse

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Sustain - Partnering with villagers to provide sustainable livelihoods through intensive farming and agricultural initiatives.
Educate - School infrastructure and teacher training to increase the capacity of local primary schools so kids can thrive.
Protect - Innovative design and build projects to provide safe housing, community infrastructure and freedom from debt slavery.

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